How can I safely use the shared bicycles during the pandemic?

How can I safely use the shared bicycles during the pandemic?

*Because of COIVD-19 the ride duration has been extended to 72h, so you don't need to switch between bikes often.*

Although the RIVM indicates a very small risk for contamination via surfaces including handlebars, saddle and locks, the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management issued the following guidelines for safe usage of shared bikes. 

 Follow the general preventive measures issued by the RIVM:
- Wash your hands regularly with water and soap.
- Cough and sneeze on the inner side of your elbow.
- Use paper tissues.
- Don’t shake hands.
- Stay home if you cough, sneeze and/or have a cold or a fever.
- Keep 1,5 meter distance.

More specific for shared bikes the following guidelines apply:

- Keep 1,5 meter distance, also when riding the bike and especially pay attention at traffic lights and crossings.
- Don't touch your face when riding the bike, always cough on the inner side of your elbow and keep paper tissues at hand. Dispose tissues immediately and clean surfaces again if they were touched.
- Clean the contact surfaces of the bike (like handlebars, lock and saddle) before and after you ride with a cleaning wipe or disinfectant gel.

Because of the design of the bikes share system it’s not possible to provide cleaning wipes on location. Therefore, please bring wipes by yourself. They can be purchased at the following shops, for example. 

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